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Star Programming4newbies
posted l0ts of c, c++ questi0ns to test ur skills welc0me all to p0st ur codes q.

Group Founder: samstarx
Description: Post qustns,s00n will b answered.use my id
Group Type: Public join
Members: 61
Category: Technology, Internet & Wireless > Programming Languages

Topics (10)

go Web from cmd prompt (0) samstarx
open cmd prompt and type this....start then press enterU can change your web address

go Create your own wap site (1) gillguy
Click these links

go q 1 (1) samstarx
1..swap to n0s using temporary variable. 2.swap two n0.s with0ut any third variable

go windows c (0) samstarx
write a prog. to make 3 windows based on 3 procedures with their c0l0urs red blue and green and display message when they get clicked

go q 4 (0) samstarx
find the largest and smallest n0 entered by user in an array

go q 3 (0) samstarx
1.find reverse 0f a n0 and check if it is palindr0me

go q 2 (0) samstarx
1. find factorial of a n0 using for l00p. 2. using while l0op. 3. using a recursi0n functi0n

go ebook recommend (0) samstarx
i recommend cpp game m0dules 4m they r very costly 4m site but grab them 4ee 4m

go begineers q. (0) samstarx
after going thru basics, try to find out and make in how many ways u can print hello message 0n c0nsole

go Start (0) samstarx
In the era of internet. u can simply start with any ebook on c/c++(do c++) ,and u can b master in n0 time,and its 4ee of course,like d0wnload it 4m a v g00d site like or u kn0 whatever. ...